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When you think caravan pop-up, you think hot dogs, fish and chips and food in general. But, what about a crystal meth pop-up Hannah Turner asks

Calling all Breaking Bad fans, your new obsession has arrived. The clever people at ABQ London have created a Breaking Bad themed bar that is making its way through east London. Currently in hipster village Shoreditch, the pimped out RV is not disappointing.


With over 45,000 people on the wait list, you better get in there quick. Tickets are £30 a pop which I say is pretty good as it won’t be around for long. So grab a ticket, bring your choice of sudo (vodka, whiskey, gin or rum) and get drunk. That’s science bitch.

From science beakers to a periodic table wall, the bar is just like a scene from the cult TV show.

The staff are really into it too. Wearing yellow overalls and goggles, “Jesse” escorted us to our seats…or barrels. A welcome shot is then presented along with a line of white powder. (Don’t panic, it’s sherbet)


The thing that makes it truly authentic is the way you create the drinks yourself. Remember that the best thing about science in school was the experiments? Well this is like that, except on a whole new level and with alcohol.

Even the music is Breaking Bad style and after just one of these cool cocktails you’ll definitely be dancing!


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