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Jamaica Inn retold

Jamaica Inn retold


This photostory retells the classic story of Jamaica Inn, a book written by Daphne Du Maurier, it is set in Cornwall during 1820. Despite the book being fictional, many of the places and landmarks mentioned are real places Amber Edwards reports

23 year old Mary Yellan was brought up in the town of Helford:


She had to move away from home to stay with her Aunt and Uncle when her parents tragically died:


Her Aunts husband, Joss Merlyn, was the keeper of Jamaica Inn which was to be Mary’s new home. The Inn was never open and had no guests:


Mary meets Joss’ brother, Jem, who is a petty thief, however, they get along well:


Mary soon realises that Joss is the leader of a band of wreckers; a group that take valuables from shipwrecks:


She turns to Francis Davey who is the albino vicar of the neighbouring village, Altarnun:


On Christmas Eve, Mary and Jem decide to spend the day in a nearby town called Launceston where Jem sells a horse he stole. He goes to get the Jingle but never returns:


Mary hires a coach to take her home but the coach driver is killed when they are taken over by Joss’ band of wreckers. She watches as they trick a ship into steering onto the rocks and murder the survivors:


On return to Jamaica Inn, Mary realises her Aunt and Uncle have been murdered. She returns to Altarnun to stay with the Vicar:


While staying with the Vicar, Mary finds a drawing of him with the head of a wolf and his congregation with heads of sheep. The Vicar catches her with the drawing and reveals that he is the true leader of the wrecker gang and murdered her aunt and uncle:


The Vicar tries to escape with Mary as a hostage, they flee across the Moor in attempt to reach a ship and sail to Spain. However, Jem rescues Mary when he finds them and shoots the Vicar:


Mary decides to head back home to Helford but meets Jem along the way leading a cart of his possessions in the opposite direction. Mary abandons her plans and goes with Jem:



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