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JLDN: A Green show


Happy St.Patrick’s Day! Our St.Paddy’s day themed show features a special guest from the student union followed by parade fun and some green themed make-up tips. We also get warmed up for Easter with a creamy easy recipe

Broadcast: 17/03/16
Duration: 17.09mins

Presenters: Chris Barnes and Aiana Iacob 
News editor: Emily Osterloff 
Social media: Rafaela Kuznec
Cameras: Zoe Collier
Mics: Amber Edwards 


On the show this week:

  • Trafalgar Square Parade: A St.Patrick’s day parade covered followed by the facts on the patron saint of Ireland, how much did you know?
    Reporters: Samantha Masters and Demi Millard
    Filmed: Sam Batty
    Interviews: Vox pops with members of the public. 
  • Studio guest: Ian Cole; Vice president of LSBUSU  talks about what’s being organised for St.Patrick’s day by the student union.
    Reporters: Chris Barnes, Aiana Iacob
  • London pop-ups: Our reporters visit 7th Heaven Bunny Spa and find out that there is a cause behind the fluffy attraction.
    Reporters: Amber Edwards, Demi Millard
    Interviews: Steven Van Hemmen, PR  7th Heaven
  • Shoreditch Spring Festival: A music and arts festival taking place in Cargo, run by LSBU Arts and Festival Management students.
    Reporters: Jordan Odell, Emily Osterloff
    Interviews: Luisa Farringdon, festival organiser; Charlie Thrower, artist; Natasha Man, visitor
  • Food: Cream egg brownie
    Reporters: Emily Osterloff
    Filmed: Chris Barnes
  • Sports: American Football president talks about the changes and opportunities for students at London South Bank University.
    Reporter: Joe Bartram 
    Interviews: Tassos Constantinou, president LSBU Spartans
  • Make-up: Green smokey eye tips for St.Patrick’s day
    Reporter: Aiana Iacob


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