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JLDN: An insight to virtual reality


From frightening encounters with a scary big sister, to our very own fashion show, this week’s live show is packed with fun reports. The doctor who pays students to drink tells us why and Magnetic South’s festival organiser pops into the studio to let us know what to look out for from LSBU’s first music festival

Broadcast: 14/04/16
Duration: 13.26mins

Presenters: Demi Millard and Mariam Mansour 
News editor: Nancy Adusei
Social media: Joe Bartram
Cameras: Michael Lament
Audio: Sam Masters

On the show this week:

  • Judge a Book by its Cover: The London Book Fair is the destination for the ultimate test of how the public judge book covers.
    Reporters: Jordan Odell 
    Filmed: Zoe Collier 
    Interviews: Emily Turner, Illustration student; Aimee Sullivan, Illustration student; Emily Rogers, Illustration student
  • Cosplay Shadowhunters: The growing popularity of Comic con coming to London at the end of May and the new Shadowhunters has inspired our journalists to demonstrate an easy cosplay look.
    Reporters: Aiana Iacob, Mariam Mansour
    Models: Aiana Iacob, Rafaela Sousa, Sam Batty 
    Make-up: Zoe Collier, Jordan Odell
  • Studio Guest: Senior lecturer Dr. Julie Gawrylowicz pays students to get drunk. In her study she looks at how alcohol affects memory and is looking for volunteers to aid her research. Any participant will earn £10 amazon voucher or 8RPS credits, for more information contact Rachel Teodorini @ teordorr2@lsbu.ac.uk
    Reporters: Demi Millard, Mariam Mansour
  • Food: Chicken curry
    Reporters: Emily Osterloff
    Filmed: Chris Barnes
  • Virtual Reality: Our reporter reviews the Samsung VR headset with the Big Sister game and talks to resident gaming nerd on his experience using the VR headset.
    Reporter: Jordan Odell
    Filmed: Mariam Mansour
    Interviews: George; gaming design and development student 
  • Studio Guest: Magnetic South organiser joins the team at the newsroom to talk about what’s in store for this years first London South Bank University music festival from the 14th till 15th of April.
    Reporter: Demi Millard, Mariam Mansour
    Interviews: Emily Mendi 


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