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JLDN: Celebrate women


In this weeks show we have a all women team at the studio with special guest Winnie M Lee, discussing her activity around International Women’s day and the causes she supports. Our regular stories, pop-ups and food recipes, as well as other exciting reports.

Broadcast: 25/02/16
Duration: 17.23mins

Presenters: Samantha Masters, Natalie Da Silva 

News editor: Rafaela Kuznec

Social media: Jordan Odell 

Cameras: Aiana Iacob

Mics: Emily Osterloff 

Guest: Winnie M Lee 

On the show this week:

  • Guest appearance: Winnie M Lee talks from the studio about women’s rights and the activities she is involved in on International women’s day.
    Reporters: Natalie Da Silva, Samantha Masters
  • Acupuncture at LSBU: Our reporters get a discounted acupuncture experience from their fellow students at South Bank.
    Reporters: Rafaela Kuznec, Cindy Drabaviciute 
    Interviews: Ian Appleyard; Course Director 
  • Top 5 Student Apps: Demi Millard gives us her top 5 student apps, from games to navigation.
    Reporters: Demi Millard 
  • Food: Pizza Pinwheels
    Reporter: Emily Osterloff 
    Filmed: Chris Barnes 
  • London Pop-ups: Lush hosts a scented cinema, free entry for a limited time, a great experience for students up for a different sense experience.
    Reporter: Demi Millard, Rosie Fenton 
    Filmed: Rosie Fenton 
    Interviews: Jonnie; Lush employee 


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