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JLDN: successful students at LSBU


As students vote for their Student Union representative in this week’s show, we talk to other successful students, from Sportsman of the Year, to the organisers of the Shoreditch Spring Festival, to find out the secrets of their success

Broadcast: 18/02/16
Duration: 14.28mins

Presenters: Jordan Odell, Zoe Collier 
News editor: Sam Masters
Social media: Rosie Fenton
Cameras: Amber Edwards, Emily Osterloff 
Mics: Rafaela Kuznec

On the show this week:

  • Student Union Votes: Mid-week parties organised by ‘Frat Boy’ South Bank students at Belushi’s
    Reporters: Nancy Adusei, Rafaela Kuznec
    Filmed: Nancy Adusei
    Interviews: Joel, Jason, Lemara
  • Shoreditch Spring Festival: An exciting music and arts festival taking place in Cargo, run by LSBU Arts and Festival Management students
    Reporters: Jordan Odell, Emily Osterloff
    Interviews: Luisa Farringdon
  • Buzzfeed visit: Tom Philips visits LSBU to talk about what Buzzfeed is doing to share news
    Reporters: Sam Batty, Jordan Odell
    Filmed: Sam Batty
    Interviews: Tom Philips 
  • Food: Pesto Bean Butter Salad
    Reporter: Emily Osterloff 
    Filmed: Chris Barnes 
  • Sportsman of the Year: Cassian Todorov explains how why he thinks he was awarded the title in this year’s LSBU student union awards
    Reporter: Aiana Iacob, Zoe Collier 
    Filmed: Zoe Collier 
    Interviews: Cassian Todorov 
  • Fashion talent: Forensic science student Nish Dhakal flaunts his fashion brand DUSK.
    Reporters: Natalie Da Silva, Sabrina Shafi
    Interviews: Ali Ahmed, marketing for DUSK, Nish Dhakal, CEO and stylist


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