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JLDN: Unlucky number 3


Our third edition of the JLDN show proved difficult technically, this lead to the show being attempted 3 times. Third time lucky as this show presented a variety of stories as we got comfortable presenting.

Broadcast: 25/02/16
Duration: 12.17mins

Presenters: Nancy Adusei and Sam Batty
News editor: Cindy Drabaviciute
Social media: Viola Ajdini
Cameras: Chris Barnes, Emily Osterloff 
Mics: Aiana Iacob

On the show this week:

  • Take me Out: Following our fellow journalism student Fifi on the dating show to see if what it’s like.
    Reporter: Samantha Masters
    Filmed: Sam Batty
    Interviews: Fiona (Fifi) 
  • Comedy Night: Comedy show organised by LSBU at the Student Union.
    Reporters: Jordan Odell, Samantha Masters, Zoe Collier
    Interviews: Katie Pritchard; comedian
  • Game Review: War Craft
    Reporter: Sam Batty, Jordan Odell 
    Interviews: Tani Sukoya 
  • Food: Blueberry muffins.
    Reporter: Emily Osterloff
    Filmed: Chris Barnes 


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