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Shadow Hunters: Get ready for Comic-con!


With MCM COMIC-CON coming up this month, how about a cheap cosplay to attend with!

Why not Shadow Hunters? what is shadow hunters?

Shadowhunters is a TV series based on Cassandra’s Clare books. Rafaela Sousa, Aiana Iacob and Sam Batty have got together to create the perfect cosplay. They have dressed up just like the characters Clary, Izzy and Jace and they are showing you just how to do it, under the direction of Mariam Mansour. So, are you ready to become a Shadowhunter?

Reporters: Rafaela Sousa, Sam Batty, Aiana Iacob
Producer: Mariam Mansour
Body Painters: Zoe Collier, Jordyn Odell


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