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JLDN: Careers in journalism



Broadcast: 24/11/16

Duration: 27:59

Producer: Ella Donaldson

Presenters: Leynna-Jay Honegan, Lydia Smith

This week’s special-length audio show focused on careers in journalism, and employability advice for students. JLDN reporters set out to discover what can make a graduate stand out from the rest, and how they can put the skills learned at university to use.

  • The importance of a degree in journalism: JLDN reporter Lydia Smith spoke to the reactive news editor at the Guardian, Katie Lamborn, about how a degree in journalism can prepare students for the real world.
  • The difficulty in finding the right job:  Rhea Whitehead-Thorpe and Leynna-Jay Honegan speak to recent graduate Aiana Iacob, former editor for the BBC World Service, Michael Kosmides, and the current Job Manager at Gorkana, Ashley Richardson about how difficult it can be to find employment in journalism and what advice they had for aspiring journalists.
  • Best and Worst: While the show may be about future prospects, what about the jobs we’ve already had? JLDN reporter Hannah Turner quizzes London residents on the best and worst jobs they’ve ever had.
  • Alternatives in education: The majority of journalists beginning their career in recent years have a degree in the subject, but it isn’t always necessary. Jason Colmer speaks to Matt Taylor, news editor at The Times about how he has established himself in the field without the qualification.
  • Live interview: The studio team are joined by Serena Tarling, former news editor at the Financial Times, and now a freelancer, speaking about her experiences with formal and freelance work as a journalist.


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