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JLDN: careers week special


Broadcast: 24/11/16

Duration: 25:37

News editor: Ashley Gummerson

Editorial assistant: Khaola Cherrak

Director: Lily Finnegan-Hutchinson

Floor manager: Lucy Jenkins

Vision mixing: Jordan Platt

Graphics: Eva Carrette

Presenters: Hannah Turner, Georgie Waight

Guests: Matt Green, Rafaela Kuznec, Marva Williams, Sukaina Jeraj, Joe Aldridge

Website editor: Lukas Gerve

Social media editor: Georgia Harding


This week’s show is a careers special to coincide with the LSBU Careers Fair. The JLDN team produced content aimed at guiding students toward internships and employment opportunities, along with a studio discussion and questions from the audience


  • The importance of a degree in journalism: JLDN reporter Khaola Cherrak speaks to first-year Journalism students, the course director for Journalism, LJ Filotrani and the reactive news editor at the Guardian Katie Lamborn about how a degree in journalism can prepare students for the real world.
  • Journalism employment and earning statistics: A visual explainer on the earnings and employment numbers in the sector, by JLDN reporters Lukas Gerve and Georgia Harding.
  • Best and Worst: While the show may be about future prospects, what about the jobs we’ve already had? JLDN reporters Hannah Turner and Jordan Platt quiz London residents on the best and worst jobs they’ve ever had.
  • Studio guests: This week Matthew Green, ex Financial Times journalist, now freelance, joined Joe Aldridge, assistant producer at Share Radio and Rafaela Kuznec, a postgraduate journalism student to talk about breaking into the sector and making the most of a university degree. Also on the sofa were LSBU’s employability advisors Marva Williams and Sukaina Jeraj.



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