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The journalist’s job market



JLDN reporters Rhea Whitehead-Thorpe and Leynna-Jay Honegan speak to recent graduate Aiana Iacob, former editor for the BBC World Service, Michael Kosmides, and the current Job Manager at Gorkana, Ashley Richardson about how difficult it can be to find employment in journalism and what advice they had for aspiring journalists.

In a survey taken in 2013, 65% of bachelor’s degree holders in journalism and mass communication found full-time work six to eight months after graduation, and unemployment for the recent graduates rose to 12.2% in the same year.

These statistics show that journalism is becoming a tougher career to break into as the years progress, but with the help of organisations such as Gorkana, prospective journalists have a chance to apply to top media organisations – no matter how much experience they may have.

Find out more about Gorkana here.


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