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JLDN: Holiday cheer



Broadcast: 08/12/16

Duration: 19:04

Produced by: Ella Donaldson

Presenters: Jihan Nur, Leynna-Jay Honegan

Special reports by: Lucy Jenkins, Rhea Whitehead-Thorpe

The JLDN team gets in the Christmas spirit with a special, extra-festive show.  Our reporters take a look at the top seasonal events, our most memorable presents and the magical world of Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland.

  • The top holiday travel destinations: JLDN reporters Nosheen Hussain, Rhea Whitehead-Thorpe and Jihan Nur visit Keytel International in order to find out the festive-favourite holiday destinations of this year.
  • Winter Wonderland: Jordan Platt’s and Hannah Turner’s fun-filled account of an afternoon out at London’s top Christmas event, now in its tenth year.
  • Presents and memories: Lucy Jenkins takes to the streets to quiz London residents on the best and worst Christmas gifts they’ve received over the years, and their favourite festive memories.
  • Christmas and advertising: Every holiday season, the British public eagerly looks forward to the annual Christmas adverts from high-street retailers. Khaola Cherrak takes a look at our favourites and the statistics behind holiday advertising.

Our presenters in the studio are also joined by Lucy Jenkins and Rhea Whitehead-Thorpe, with their special Christmas reports:

  • The top ten Christmas events in London: Christmas in London is a very magical time of year, with different events happening all throughout the month. Lucy has the countdown of our top 10 events this December.
  • Holiday music: Rhea joins our presenters for a discussion on our favourite holiday singles throughout the years.


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