Home Events Trump’s Muslim ban has the streets of London in uproar
Trump’s Muslim ban has the streets of London in uproar

Trump’s Muslim ban has the streets of London in uproar


More than one million people have signed a petition which would prevent billionaire President Trump from meeting the Queen in a state visit to the UK

President Trump has been the highlight of every news platform since he first stepped foot into The Whitehouse and he has yet again displayed his political inexperience by signing an executive order banning all immigrants from Muslim countries such as; Syria, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen who cannot enter the US for 90 days, or be issued an immigrant or non-immigrant visa. Trump gave the reason that he was doing it in the interest of national security.

Thousands attended a protest on Downing Street Monday evening to fight against Trump’s #MuslimBan. The executive order to ban travel to the US from seven Islamic countries has caused an uproar of revolt with protests taking place in several cities and indeed countries.

JLDN reporters Theodore Giles and Pascal Kempson bumped into Ed Milliband who was in good spirits as he began to leave the protesting area. “I’m delighted with the amount of people that have come out today.” He proclaimed and then proceeded to ask why we were there – we responded with Theresa May’s ineptitude – to which he added, “And the world’s too”.

Milliband helped table a motion for an emergency debate on the ban at the House of Commons earlier today. “House unanimously passes emergency motion finding Trump Muslim ban discriminatory, divisive and counterproductive and calling for repeal.’ MP Ed Miliband tweets.


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