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JLDN: Valentine’s day special


Broadcast: 14/02/17
Duration: 16:25

Producer: Milena Puolamaki
Presenters: Nevan Pettigrew and Monique Mehler

Reporters: Natasha Ferguson, Imogen Chapman, Ellie Styles, Barbara Nicotra, Sonia Borawska and Abraham Aparicio Moiche

The JLDN Team gets in the Valentine Spirit with a Special. Our reporters take a look at the top 10 tracks for Valentine’s day, Saving money, Brexit, Sonia Choco Ladiva Chic, How interested are the LSU Students  in exercising sports and Artificial Intelligence 

  •  Top 10 tracks for Valentine’s day: With Valentine’s in the air great music always get you going, JLDN Reporter Natasha Ferguson take us into the top 10 tracks for your Valentine’s Day.
  • Saving money: It is well-known that student loans do not cover the cost of living. Our reporter Imogen Chapman goes to the street of Elephant and Castle to ask students just how do they spend their money
  • Brexit: Our reporter JLDN Ellie Syles takes a look at how Brexit has affected European students at LSBU.
  • Sonia Choco Ladiva Chic: Our JLDN Reporter Barbara Nicotra talked with her, on how humans communicate with music in the past and how Sonia herself shares emotions with music.
  • How interested are the Lsbu Students in exercising sports: Our JLDN reporter Nevan Pettigrew went out to find out what sports and exercises the LSBU students get up to over the weekend and during the week
  • Artificial Intelligence: Our JLDN reporters Sonia Borawska and Abraham Aparicio Moiche tested how romantic the top artificial intelligence software were, and if they could take the place of a human being.


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