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Vegetables vanish from our very own eyes


If you’re a vegetable lover then I’m sorry to say that some of your beloved veggie favourites could vanish from your local UK supermarkets after poor growing conditions in Europe

Fruit and Veg are affecting our market seller, but are our customers noticing?

Cold weather, flooding and poor lighting in the Mediterranean is causing a shortage in vegetable growth that is now affecting the UK markets.

With the UK importing 50% of its fruit and 90% of its vegetables from across the world, there is a real scare in the food industry, that the UK could run out of fruit and veg. At Borough Market there is a genuine worry amongst sellers and market holders that the markets could run out of fruit and vegetables.

JLDN reporters Nicholas Newton, Alice Heather and Safiyah Bennington spoke to a seller at the market who said that “Aubergines and Courgettes are the worst affected by the shortages”, while another market holder also mentioned that customer are finding it “Harder to buy” good quality fruit ad vegetables in the supermarkets.

There is hope that by April, improved weather will increase the produce of vegetables in the Mediterranean and the this will not only be, an increase in fruit and vegetable options for the consumer, but also the prices should also return the normal rate.

For more information listen below for the full interview with local market sellers.


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