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JLDN: Pancake Day


Broadcast: 28/02/17
Duration: 16:03


  • News editor: Imogen Chapman
  • Social media editor: Daniela Cardoso
  • Bulletins editor: Bridget Mulrooney
  • Editorial assistant: Poppy Moore
  • Site editors: Federica Conti, Ellie Style, Barbara Nicotra and Aileen Murphy


  • Director: Natasha Ferguson
  • Mics:  Sonia Borawska
  • Graphics: Abraham Aparicio Moiche


  • Sofa: Matt Whale and Nevan Pettigrew
  • Social media: Samah Ahmed Nourildeen
  • Bulletins: Monique Mehler

The JLDN Team brings you a Pancake Day special. We take a look at how to make the perfect pancake with our special guests Shaman Stocker and Sarah Clifton from LSBU’s very own bakery school, John Inverdale’s career, The Salesman protest in Trafalgar Square, the gender pay gap. 

  • Pancake Day: If you struggle with making pancakes then tune in to find out how to make the perfect one!
  • The Salesman: Our reporters Aileen and Frederica spoke to some of the protesters to find out their views.
  • The gender pay gap: Our reporter Imad Chatelain went out and asked LSBU students if they think the government are doing enough to eliminate the gender pay gap.



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