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JLDN: Why do people protest and how sport can improve your student life



Broadcast: 01/03/17
Duration: 14:58

Producer: Milena Puolamaki and Imogen  Chapman
Presenters: Nevan Pettigrew and Monique Mehler

Reporters: Bridget Mulrooney, Matt Whale, Ellie Style, Poppy Moore, Federica Conti.

The JLDN Team looks at some of the news that’s happened recently. Our reporters take a look : Mudchute’s Farm educational contribution, how sport can improve your student life, why do people protest, the Samsung Galaxy S8 rumours and the top 10 tracks break up tracks.

  • Mudchate’s Farm: Inner city farms in London have taken on the role of agricultural educators. Our reporter Bridget Mulrooney visited Mudchute Farm in East London to find out what sort of educational work they do.
  • How sport can improve your student life: Many people engage in University sport whilst studying for a degree/ We wanted to know the benefits (aside from just keeping fit) are for a student. Our reporter Matt Whale spoke to Iaian Killoughery who’s senior operations manger at the academy of sport in LSBU.
  • Why do people protest: Since Trump has started his Presidency there has been a lot of upheaval, because of the laws that he is trying to bring in. One of the most recent ones was Trump trying to ban Muslims from 7 countries coming into the USA.  Many protesters have taken to the streets to fight against Trump all across the world, including in London and our reporter Ellie Style went to one to find out why people protest, and what they want to achieve.
  • Samsung Galaxy S8 rumours: Samsung has taken the Android phone market by storm for the past 5 years; but after the Galaxy Note 7 debacle which resulted in customer’s phones exploding last year it meant the company lost some goodwill with it’s customers. However now with the announcement of a new Samsung phone coming out in the next few months the future looks promising. Our reporter Poppy Moore has compiled the top rumours about the new phone and what customers could expect from Samsung.
  • Top 10 break-up songs: As we know it was only Valentine’s Day a couple of weeks ago, and statistically proven a lot of couples break up just after compared to any other time of the year. So our reporter Federica Conti put together some of the top 10 break up songs to help your heart break.


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