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JLDN: Women’s week


Duration: 12:52


  • News editor: Imogen Chapman
  • Social media editor: Daniela Cardoso
  • Bulletins editor: Bridget Mulrooney
  • Editorial assistant: Poppy Moore
  • Site editors: Federica Conti, Ellie Styles, Barbara Nicotra and Aileen Murphy


  • Director: Natasha Ferguson
  • Mics:  Sonia Borawska
  • Graphics: Abraham Aparicio Moiche


  • Sofa: Matt Whale and Nevan Pettigrew
  • Bulletins: Monique Mehler

The JLDN Team brings the Women’s Day spirit with a special. We take a look at the march that took place in London, an in-depth bulletin for sport, the fact that government decided to make sexual education compulsory and to kick off the show we talked about sustainability

  • The March that took place in London: Our reporter Monique went down to the march to see what was going on
  • In-depth bulletin for sport: with an in-depth with the latest news on the sport by our reporter Nevan.
  • Sexual education compulsory: Our reporter Lewis found out more about the fact that government wants to make sexual education compulsory at school. So what do parents think?
  • Sustainability:With our reporter Bridget and Imogen who went down to LSBU to talk with James Whittingham to find out more.


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