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Housing struggles for the many


An exploration of the housing struggles in South London post Grenfell

Serious discussions on the regeneration of housing

“Grenfell defined the housing issue”. That is the opinion of Dr Elena Marchevska, senior lecturer in drama and performance, and organiser of the ‘post Grenfell housing struggles’ discussion taking place tonight at 5pm at the Borough Road Gallery of London South Bank university.

Housing has been an ongoing issue within the UK, and with the rise of gentrification within London, housing is becoming just as unaffordable as it is unattainable. And after the disaster that was Grenfell on 14th June 2017 the failure of councils regarding tenancy wellbeing began to come to light.

After receiving funding from the European Union Dr Elena Marchevska has organised a discussion to explore how gentrification effects the housing crisis. With expert panellists from the world of art, journalism, and academia, the discussion is set to educate and create awareness. Marchevska has said; “It’s very much about opinions and personal experience of people who are activists and journalists with everyday experiences”.

Although the demographic for this discussion is wide, targeting all active citizens, it is especially important for students to take note of. They will be one of the key targets of gentrification as it will become near impossible to survive in living in London with housing prices increasing against the pounds value decreasing. This discussion is an opportunity to begin talking about the issues of housing, and these discussions could lead to solutions.

The first of these discussions is happening tonight (26th October) at 5pm, with a further two talks following on November 29th and November 30th.


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