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Christmas is the ultimate time for giving and helping others

Christmas is the ultimate time for giving and helping others


Multiple campaigns have taken the spotlight over social media as people in Britain are voluntarily giving up their Christmas days to help the less fortunate, reports Nicola Coaker and Angela Ansari

Crisis are a charity who aim to bring an end to homelessness, this year their Christmas campaign aims to help the homeless have a less lonely christmas. Roles which people can volunteer for include: chefs, hairdressers, entertainers and health professionals as well as people who are willing to just have a chat with others.”

“I think it’s important that we help vulnerable and lonely people, but I don’t think that we should just focus on the issue around this time a year. It should be an issue that we are fully aware of and taking into consideration 365 days a year.” – Greg

“It’s a rewarding thing to do, especially at Christmas time as Christmas is all about giving and helping others. Me and my family are spending our Christmas Day with those who are in need.” – Anne

“I would try and help out as much as possible around these cold winter days but personally I don’t think helping out on Christmas Day is for me. It’s the only day of the year my whole family gets together, so it’s important I embrace this.” – Jeremiah

As the the crisis of homelessness in the uk has risen by 16% in the last year, it is heartbreaking to think that many people are left alone and lonely in the holidays. with christmas around the corner organisations such as “Crisis” are working with volunteers to help provide meals, health care, support advice and companionship this christmas.


This year like Crisis and many other organisations, many generous people have signed up to take part in such an incredible movement. and you can take part as well not by just volunteering but but also by donating and supporting a fundraise. be the person to make someone special smile this christmas.

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