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MTV music week heads to London


Pic: MTV event, An Audience with: Tinie Tempah. (Credit: Nicola Coaker)

MTV and Vodafone have paired up for MTV Music Week, to bring  a range of artists who will perform across a number of London venues at affordable prices, reports James Murray

This week will see the likes of Biffy Clyro, David Guetta, Tinie Tempah, Charlie Sloth and various of other artists showcasing their talents across the city, with tickets for every event priced at £5 or below.

Editor for MTV, Krash Williams said: “MTV Music Week gives an opportunity to those that are less fortunate, to experience live shows.”

British artist, Tinie Tempah, said: “It’s a great opportunity to bring loads of artists together and give them a platform in a different place.”

With many UK venues hosting shows and concerts on a daily basis, it is easy to imagine how much people spend. For many students, concerts allow them to see their favourite artists live, meet new people and socialise with friends.

We took to the streets of Camden, to ask members of the public how much they spend on gig tickets.

John said: “I would spend up to £40 depending on the person, but at that price, it would have to be a concert I would remember forever.”

When we informed Toyosi off the prices for MTV Music Week, she was surprised and commented: “I would definitely consider going, depending on who was performing. I usually spend about £100 on tickets.”

Australians, Hannah and Belle, said: ” We spend a stupid amount. It can be anywhere between £60 and £140 – but that is what you have to pay for top artists and a good atmosphere”.

Organisation, UK Music found that a total of 27.7 million people attended live music events in the UK in 2015, and statistics have risen since. In venues such as Camden’s Roundhouse, tickets can vary from anywhere between £5 and £45. As London is a top concert destination, with venues such as the 02 and Wembley, the expensive price tags come with the title, with meet and greet tickets costing up to thousands of pounds.