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Christmas songs may actually be naughty instead of nice


 (Pic: Bustling shopping centre for Christmas, common ground for festive tunes. Credit: Pexels)

Christmas songs are a famous tradition for the Christmas spirit, but more and more people could be getting tired of them, reports Liam Terry

A classic staple of the festive season is undoubtably those catchy tunes that seem to be timeless no matter what decade they’re played in, FairyTale of New York just to name one. And what better way to tolerate the mad dash of the Christmas shopping rush and that classic irreplaceable feeling of contempt as you’re pushed in the isles trying to grab gifts as fantastic festive tunes and playing in the background of the shop.

Or, so would be though, because according to a recent study over two thousand retail and customers in the UK and US took part in a survey on what they really think about the holiday hits during the hectic festive season. The data may suggest theres more scrooges among us each year – or could the musical tradition finally be on the decline?

Down at Canary Wharf, the shopping centre has had a holiday makeover, and plenty of people are exposed to the festive tunes as they’re out shopping. One shopper passed by and gave their thoughts on the holiday tunes: “I can’t wait to hear them from the 1st of December onwards.” We asked three shoppers and all responses were positive, suggesting there may be a divide between the opinions of the customers and the opinion of the workers. She also added: “I’m always turning on the radio hoping the Christmas songs start”

This is a mixed issue about the festive holiday, and garners interesting debates on social media, with some people saying it could be a change in opinion to Christmas music because of age.