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Storm Caroline attacks North UK

Storm Caroline attacks North UK


(Pic: Storm Caroline to hit Scotland and North England. Credit: Earth Nullschool)

People living in the North of the United Kingdom are set to be hit with gale force winds, battering rain showers and freezing temperatures this gloomy Thursday, Sidney Stanford reports.

The weather in the UK can be a very temperamental force when it chooses to be, and Storm Caroline is showing no signs of passing through the country quietly. The Met Office has issued an amber weather warning meaning that it is very likely the bad weather will strike and it will cause bad travel delays, road and rail closures, interruption to power and the potential risk of life and property. The warning has been put into place as the weather forecasters predict that this storm will bring 70-90mph gusts of winds throughout the northern part of the UK mostly especially the North- East and many parts of mainland Scotland. This does not include the heavy rain and the potential snow and ice that is being predicted.

Some places in Scotland have been warned by the council that with the strong weather conditions, people should only travel if completely necessary and to stock up on food and items that are essential to avoid going outside in the stormy weather.

This is not the first strong storm to hit the UK this year, after the devastating hurricanes that trashed through the USA and Puerto Rico, we got the backlash from those as well as our own mini hurricanes. Although the weather warning isn’t in place for the entire country, people should be still cautious as the storms will no doubt create unusual weather patterns for the entire country still.