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Alessia Sasso, LGBTQ+ activist, supporter and member


Alessia Sasso, LGBTQ+ activist, supporter and member

Alessia Sasso, LGBTQ+ activist, supporter and member

Alessia Sasso is a member of the LGBTQ+ community. For many years she has been supporting the movement and community.

On the 11th of October, which is national coming out day, Alessia faced her fears and the pressure of the society and officially came out.

Alessia was born in Italy and five years ago she came with her mother to the UK. She studies Journalism at London South Bank University.

On Friday the 15th of November for the first time she officially spoke about her experiences and the challenges she faced over the years.

Growing up in traditional Christian household things weren’t always easy and when it came to opening up to her family about her sexuality, she always felt wrong and not accepted. That is also the reason why she kept it for herself for so long.

She decided she understood that something wrong. She was feeling like she was lying to her friends and family and even worse to herself.

On our Journalism London live show, she said that she knew she was bisexual for almost her whole life.

“My life definitely changed after my coming out, I now feel free and confident.” She sais in the interview. Adding, “its like I got rid of a big weight and now I feel lighter and ready to fly.”

She has been supporting the LGBTQ+ community over the last years.

She attended the pride days and general events, spread the word. She talked to many people who might not support the movement and community as much and always made sure her words have been heard.

In the Interview with Journalism London, Alessia talked about her struggles with facing bullying in school and how this was one of the main reasons she didn’t come out for so long.

Her aim is it to prevent children in young age from bullying.

She wants to make people aware that there is not just one type of sexuality.

In order to achieve this, she says, “We have to start in education and optimise our education. And as soon as children have sex education in schools this should be introduced.”

But for now, she wants to spread the word and love and finally lives the way she always wanted to.

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I have grown up with two different cultures that have played a major role in shaping me into the person I am today. Coming from a mixed heritage has exposed me to different Oriental and Western traditions and ways of life which have helped me to have a certain open-mindedness. My two passions are volunteering and traveling. I have moved from Marrakech to London in 2018 for University.

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