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‘Climate emergency’: word of the year


‘Climate emergency’: word of the year

‘Climate emergency’: word of the year

Oxford Dictionaries has declared ‘climate emergency’ as the word of the year. The dictionary has defined it as, “a situation in which urgent action is required to reduce or halt climate change and avoid potentially irreversible environmental damage resulting from it”.

According to The Guardian, “Oxford said the word are soared from “relative obscurity” to “one of the most prominent – and prominently debated – terms of 2019.”

The word of the year is chosen to “reflect the ethos, mood, or preoccupations of the passing year”. and should have “lasting potential as a term of cultural significance”. (The Guardian)

The words “climate action, “climate denial” and “eco-anxiety” were also shortlisted.

The BBC News pointed out, “Oxford dictionary decides the Word of the Year, by looking at a word or expression which best reflects peoples attitudes and what they are focussed on in that year.”

“Climate change” was used 100 times more in September 2019 than in the previous year overall.

Many countries and states have declared themselves as being in the state of a climate emergency. Amongst these have been: Bangladesh, Malta, Austria, Spain, Argentina, France, Canada, Portugal and the United Kingdom (May 1, 2019).

It is a phrase well known activists such as Greta Thumberg have been using to spread awareness.

According to a BBC News article, “The United Nations says we could have just 11 years left to limit a climate change catastrophe.” This issue is said to be increasing “eco-anxiety” world wide.

The condition “eco-anxiety” may be defined as having anxiety related to ecological and environmental issues. ‘News Scientist’ offers tips to help manage your eco-anxiety.


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