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Politicians targeting NHS for votes


Politicians targeting NHS for votes

Politicians targeting NHS for votes

Health services bosses have addressed all politicians as dramatic when it comes to bringing up the NHS in discussions pre-election.

With the first general election after Brexit coming up.

Labour and The Conservative party have already gone head to head taking as many hits at each other policies.

Many policies have been addressed, but one of the main recurring issues is the NHS.

Both parties have not shied away from using the NHS as a weapon.

Discussing how each party will help improve the current issues of public service.

The future of the NHS will be an ongoing topic in the run-up to the 12th December election.

Labour has already begun stating that the NHS staff and facilities shortages have risen by a third since Brexit.

Jeremy Corbyn has labeled the health service as inflexible. He continued saying he plans to change this with a funding settlement

That will be announced with the party’s manifesto. The Conservatives are expected to invest 2.7 billion in hospitals and future projects over the next five years.

NHS providers chief Chris Hopson commented, stop overdramatizing NHS difficulties.

He continued saying that politicians should stop feeding the public with empty promises unrealistic expectations.

The NHS is a critical topic and needs to be addressed but it should be factual and evidence-based not to entice the public to vote.

Scare tactics are not acceptable and should not be an option when addressing policies.

Many health service representatives are worried that the NHS will be used as a political weapon in the campaign.

Health secretary and Conservative party member Matt Hancock, has accused Labour of using scare tactics because they have nothing else to offer.

With Christmas and the end of the year looming, the pressure is rising for hospital chiefs.

How the pressure develops before the election will be intriguing to see. Politicians’ concepts for political gain is not beneficial for the hard workers of the NHS and for the public.

Although, there may be some truth in some of the policies.

Members of the public have shared their doubts about the developments of the NHS.

The NHS is falling short and has been for a long time Jessica Williams, a 36-year-old mum from Manchester commented.

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