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Journalism.london is about expression for young journalists training at London South Bank University. It is a platform for us to publish our content from multimedia reports to photographic reviews. We are multimedia journalists who create videos, audio and written news and features. We are also fully engaged in social media and live streaming, making sure that where ever you are, we are.




Leynna is a second year, Journalism student at LSBU and now website editor who works closely with our social media networks, managing traffic and content through our multiple platforms.

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Lily FinneganJoel GregoryLydia Smith, Georgia Harding, Lukas Gerve, Jason Colmer, Georgia Webb, Eva Carrette, Toni-Rhea Whitehead, Jihan Nur, Ashley Gummerson, Nosheen Hussain, Najma Morad

  • Executive editor: LJ Filotrani

Email: filotral@lsbu.ac.uk

LJ Filotrani is the Journalism course director at London South Bank University and has worked at the Guardian and the Financial Times as a journalist.
She lives in north London with her dog Ella.