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Christmas is the ultimate time for giving and helping others

Multiple campaigns have taken the spotlight over social media as people in Britain are voluntarily giving up their Christmas days to help the less fortunate, reports Nicola Coaker and Angela Ansari

Tesla’s truck reveal

Tesla's newest innovation is in the field of cargo transportation, with Elon Musk announcing today their first foray into the lorry market

Oxford Street to be pedestrianised by next year

: As the Christmas lights are turned on plans for this area to pedestrianised by Christmas 2018 are welcomed London mayor, Sadiq Khan announces plans to pedestrianise Oxford Street, in the hope of combating pollution and improving safety for visitors, reports Angela Ansari Mayor Sadiq Khan has announced that by this time next year Oxford Street’s […]

Ladybirds with STDs come to the UK

An infestation of ladybirds with STDs is about to hit the UK, reports Angela Ansari

Are unpaid internships fair?

A controversial issue that’s been on the rise in recent weeks is whether or not unpaid internships are fair and should unpaid internships last for more than four weeks, asks Angela Ansari A survey conducted by the Social Mobility Commission has revealed more than 5k people agreed to a ban on unpaid internships. Most internships are […]