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A 2nd year Journalism Student at LSBU

Coppa Club brings Igloo’s back to Tower Bridge

(Photo credit: Coppa Club) Expect sparkling views, cozy blankets and  festive cocktails, reports Laura Finkler. Instagrammers get ready: the  giant igloos are popping up all over the shop this winter, and it’s no surprise given how mad everyone went for them last year! The photo-loving folk of London went absolutely bonkers for the riverside huts, with extra staff […]

Students have their say on University Vice-Chancellors pay

(Photo Credit: Pexels) A university vice-chancellor was handed more than £800,000 in her final year, including a hefty departure payment, it has been revealed. Charlie Wetton and James Murray report on the story.  An “urgent overhaul” of senior pay at British Universities has been called for by the University and College Union (UCU), following the […]

Donald Trumps Tweets cause controversy yet again.

The ever provocative President, Donald Trump, has again taken to Twitter this week, this time to promote tweets of the far-right British organisation Britain First, reports Pascal Kempson.

EU Students in the UK on the decline after Brexit

Figures from UCAS show that the number of EU applicants has dropped by 4.4 percent this year. This comes after a rise in tuition fees and the uncertainty of Brexit, Reports Pascal Kempson.

Minimum alcohol pricing vs. students

(Photo: Alcohol being poured into glass. Credit: Pexels) The Scottish government to  introduce a minimum pricing policy for alcohol drinks, that will take place on 1st May next year, reports Leanne Cresswell. Minimum pricing is targeted on the cheaper but stronger drinks that can be brought in supermarkets and off-licences, such as cheap cider and spirits. With […]

Councillor, Dr. Andy Simmons, on issues facing Dulwich

Dulwich councillor, Dr. Andy Simmons, talks to Journalism student, Leanne Cresswell, about the area and the importance of local councillors for residents