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JLDN: French election, music, app testing

JLDN reporters give us an all rounded news event focusing on arts, education, sport and technology Broadcast: 04/05/17 French Election: How will the french election impact the people of France and Europe? What’s Your Favourite Song?: With artists hitting new records and sales booming every minute JLDN reporter Lucy Jenkins asked the public what their favourite music […]

App Test: AutoDraw

AutoDraw is a new app released by Google that uses artificial intelligence to recognise what you are drawing and is very similar to Microsoft Paint but with a twist

How to manage stress and education

Exam season is fast approaching and lots of students all over the country are busy revising and preparing for their exams. Education is a major part of our lives from the time we are born we are brought up into the education system, revising for essays and trying to reach deadlines and we can all […]

Ryoji Ikeda Exhibition

In the art world a new audio and visual exhibition has opened in Central London and If you’re a mathematical fanatic then the Ryoji Ikeda exhibition will have your mind in an infinity labyrinth. Ryoji Ikeda is a Japanese composer and artist based in France who is known for his mindbendingly complex art work that is based […]

War, some mud and quite a bit of blood: battlefield 1 review

DICE’s recent addition to the ever-most popular Battlefield franchise, was it justified to be as hyped up as it was? Battlefield 1 was the recent biggest hit of first person shooters of 2016, boasting a more traditional setting (being the first world war) which opened up many possibilities and styles for game play direction. But just how […]

JLDN: Creative London

Broadcast:16/03/17 Duration: 11:02 Editorial News editor: Khaola Cherrak Social media editor: Ashley Gummerson Bulletins editor: Lukas Gerve Editorial assistant: Lucy Jenkins Site editor: Leynna-Jay Honegan Production Director: Jihan Nur Mics: Hannah Turner Vision Mixer: Georgie Waight Graphics: Eva Carette Presenters Sofa: Rhea Thorpe and Georgia Webb Bulletins: Lukas Gerve Social Media Presenter: Ashley Gummerson The JLDN Team […]

Creative baking in the heart of London

If you don’t love cake then there is something seriously wrong with you but for those people who have a sweet tooth like me then London is the best place for you as it’s known for an endless list of creative bakeries Get a taste of creative London with these custom designed baked goods from some […]