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Rodney Gwenzi – young artist challanges

Rodney Gwenzi, photographer and video maker, speaks about photography, which is his passion and creative work, sharing the challenges he is facing to build his career. As a young artist, Rodney has realised that establishing himself as an art worker is not as easy as he thought. Indeed, the way in which people come to value young […]

Bella Vernon solo show – universally unique

‘It’s about finding something and making it more.’ After the artist has treated them – as she says in the audio interview – they acquire a new light, which makes them and the area around them stunningly brighter, making them universally unique. Check bellavernon.com for more information.

Sonia Choco Ladiva Chic – musical emotion

Sonia Choco Ladiva Chic, multi-style and bilingual music performer, gives a hint about the way in which human beings in the past used music to communicate feelings and shares her personal way to express emotions through music St. Valentine is synonym of love and feeling but once infused with music it serves as a great opportunity to express your emotions and Sonia Choco […]