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University students left feeling robbed

With only one in three students feeling satisfied with the fees they are paying and value they are paying each year, it’s fair to say university students aren’t feeling fulfilled, Safiyah Bennington reports. In 2017, university fees went up by £250 which caused an uproar for students. A Second year student, Alicia Brand, said: ‘Fees went […]

Christmas songs may actually be naughty instead of nice

Christmas songs are a famous tradition for the Christmas spirit, but more and more people could be getting tired of them

Things to do this Christmas season

'Tis the season to be spending, but here's a guide to Christmas shopping stop you breaking the bank, reports Remeka Washington-Wint

Study reveals that women are naturally fit than men

A study conducted by the University of Waterloo has found that women can process oxygen quicker than men, making them naturally fitter, reports Nicola Coaker

UK driving tests just got harder

As of 4th of December the UK driving test is facing its biggest change up since the theory test was introduced in 1996, making the whole test a lot harder for young drivers, reports Moona Popal.

The great tree debate

When it comes to Christmas trees, there are two big debates that pop up every year – real or fake? And just when are you supposed to put them up, asks James Middleton

Gaming guide for Christmas

(Pic: Gaming infront of the TV, a popular activity for Christmas. Credit: Pexels)  A guide for the best games and the best deals this Christmas to ensure that you buy the best deals this Christmas, reports Nicholas Newton Christmas being just around the corner it is that time of year to start looking for gifts for […]

JLDN esports: Student Spotlight, StarCraft II, and the future of eSports

Broadcast: 08/11/17 Duration: 10:35 The Esports team News editor: Lukas Gerve Director: Sam Batty Production assisstant: Rhea Whitehead-Thorpe Presenters: Meshanda Cyrus and Seb Maxam Bulletins presenter: Louis Chant Guest booker: Tobias Persson This week, the team examines where esports is likely to go in the near future – what’s next for the burgeoning industry? Also […]