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JLDN: esports – tangible play, Call of Duty, COMIC CON

Broadcast: 18/10/17 Duration: 8:01 Programme credits: Editor: Lukas Gerve Director: Sam Batty Sofa presenters: Meshanda Cyrus and Seb Maxam Segment presenter: Louis Chant Guest: Tobias Persson On the first JLDN esports show, our team takes a look at how gaming can be made more accessible for less-abled gamers, as well as a preview of some […]

JLDN: Article 50 and the Westminster attack

Broadcast: 30/03/17 Duration: 13:50 JLDN Team News Editor: Khaola Cherrak Editorial Assistant: Lucy Jenkins Bulletins Editor & Presenter: Lukas Gerve Presenters: Jason Colmer & Georgia Webb Social Media Presenter: Rhea Thorpe Audio: Hannah Turner Autocue: Nosheen Hussain Director: Eva Carette Graphics: Georgie Waight  

JLDN 21/03/17

Broadcast: 21/03/17 Production Team Director: Natasha Ferguson Sound: Sonia Borawska Graphics: Abraham Aparicio Autocue: Imad Châtelain Presenters Matthew Whale Nevan Pettigrew Monique Mehler Samah Noure Editorial Team News: Imogene Chapman Assistant: Lewis Parker Bulletins: Bridget Mulrooney Social Media: Daniela Cardoso  

Budget 2017 live blog

Follow the Budget 2017 live with JLDN reporters Lewis Parker, Ellie Style and Imad Chatelain

Games reviews roundup: Paper Mario Color Splash; The Tale of Doris and the Dragon; Masquerada: Songs and Shadows

Mario tropes are the butt of goofy, self-aware humour, while magic and politics meet in medieval Italy

After the success of Pokémon Go!, what is the future for augmented reality?

We can conjure objects into our real world as if by magic with AR, and with Pikachu and friends earning up to $10m per day, R&D departments are searching for the next phase

I was being stalked, but my university refused to protect me

A campaign of harassment was ruining my life, yet I was belittled by police and abandoned by my colleagues