Washstation spins out of control

Residents of Mclaren House continue to face issues with their laundry at the Washstation Laundrette A student accommodation situated in Elephant and Castle fails to supply student residents a reliable and well equipped laundrette as the drying machines fail to dry clothes to a decent standard. JLDN reporter Pia Marshall a current resident at Mclaren […]

Washstation spins out of control

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JLDN Radio – Zimbabwe, University library fees and Children in Need 2017

 Broadcast: 17/11/2017 Duration: 14.49 This week on JLDN’s radio show – The Zimbabwe crisis escalates yet quiet falls around the London based embassy, University libraries making money off forgotten check-ins and Children in need 2017 Producer: Liam Terry Assistant Producer: Leanne Cresswell News editor: Olivia Kemp Assistant news editor: James Murray Web editor: James Middleton Assistant web editor: Nicola Coaker […]

JLDN Radio – abortions, clocks changing, mental health wait times

This week on JLDN's radio show we cover a wide range of stories ranging from Scotland allowing a pill for at home abortions, long waiting times for young people suffering mental health and more options for graduates as they decide to leave London. Also with the clocks changing this weekend we check out the benefits of having an extra hour of sleep!

Deadly pollution

According to a new report pollution is killing around 50,000 people in the uk alone. Air pollution from vehicles and factories is the most fatal of all the deadly pollution, killing 50,000 in the UK and 6.5 million a year worldwide.