JLDN Radio – harassment, Brexit and EU rights, Christmas songs

This week on JLDN’s radio show – harassment trends after video surfaces on train, what rights EU citizens will have after Brexit and the top Christmas songs in movies.

JLDN Radio – harassment, Brexit and EU rights, Christmas songs


Sneak peak: The love of the nightingale

The second year drama students are putting on their first live performance of the year and some sneak peeks with an exclusive interview reveals more, reports Laura Finkler and Maddie Binns. In The Love of the Nightingale Timberlake Wertenbaker re-tells the Greek myth of Procne and Philomele, drawing on the techniques and the poetry of Ancient […]

Ryoji Ikeda Exhibition

In the art world a new audio and visual exhibition has opened in Central London and If you’re a mathematical fanatic then the Ryoji Ikeda exhibition will have your mind in an infinity labyrinth. Ryoji Ikeda is a Japanese composer and artist based in France who is known for his mindbendingly complex art work that is based […]

JLDN: Article 50 and the Westminster attack

Broadcast: 30/03/17 Duration: 13:50 JLDN Team News Editor: Khaola Cherrak Editorial Assistant: Lucy Jenkins Bulletins Editor & Presenter: Lukas Gerve Presenters: Jason Colmer & Georgia Webb Social Media Presenter: Rhea Thorpe Audio: Hannah Turner Autocue: Nosheen Hussain Director: Eva Carette Graphics: Georgie Waight  

Student housing in London

Students have three main options when it comes to choosing their housing.  Most students either live in privately rented houses with their mates, shared housing or student halls. Our reporter Natasha Ferguson explored what each type of student housing is like.

Student living: things to do on a budget

London is one of the best Cities in the world to live in as a student, especially if you know how to do it on a budget. Our JLDN reporter Aileen took us through the best student deals in London, including £3 cinema tickets at the Southbank BFI and £10 tickets to see Speech and debate at […]

Street art in London

London has one of the biggest and best collections of uncommissioned street art in the world, where local and international artists take time to decorate the streets of London Street art is everywhere we look, but it can be a bit controversial. Is it art or not? JLDN’s Lukas takes a look at street art on the walls and […]