Washstation spins out of control

Residents of Mclaren House continue to face issues with their laundry at the Washstation Laundrette A student accommodation situated in Elephant and Castle fails to supply student residents a reliable and well equipped laundrette as the drying machines fail to dry clothes to a decent standard. JLDN reporter Pia Marshall a current resident at Mclaren […]

Washstation spins out of control

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How To Manage Stress And Education

Exam season is fast approaching and lots of students all over the country are busy revising and preparing for their exams. Education is a major part of our lives from the time we are born we are brought up into the education system, revising for essays and trying to reach deadlines and we can all […]

JLDN: Women’s week


Another rise in tuition fees, another new debt for university students

With millions of students all over the country leaving university with debts up to £50,000, their financial sum is going to get a whole lot worse due to another increase in tuition fees. Paying for university originally started with the Labour Government in 1998 under Tony Blair, who introduced £1000 a year. This was later controversially […]

Sustainability fortnight at LSBU

With sustainability becoming a forefront global, we caught up with London South Bank University’s Sustainability Team to find out what they’re getting up to. The sustainability team are working hard on their new aims and objectives. They regularly run fun and engaging events at the university which you can find out about on their Facebook […]

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Student loans; Are They Enough?

It is well known fact that most student loans, do not cover the costs of living for students and many have to rely on income from part time jobs to get by. According to Save The Student, the average student gets £450 a month, but a student spends £790 a month. How do they cope? […]