JLDN Radio – harassment, Brexit and EU rights, Christmas songs

This week on JLDN’s radio show – harassment trends after video surfaces on train, what rights EU citizens will have after Brexit and the top Christmas songs in movies.

JLDN Radio – harassment, Brexit and EU rights, Christmas songs



University students left feeling robbed

With only one in three students feeling satisfied with the fees they are paying and value they are paying each year, it’s fair to say university students aren’t feeling fulfilled, Safiyah Bennington reports. In 2017, university fees went up by £250 which caused an uproar for students. A Second year student, Alicia Brand, said: ‘Fees went […]

“A smaller fat” – Plus size expenditure has grown by £800 million

Pic: Reality vs Perception (photo credit Gennaro Maffettone, Maria Axelsson, Emma Wik, Teresia Magnusson, and Aaminah Mir) The change from exclusivity to inclusivity- but how far has the fashion industry expanded to fit everyone’s waist line? Isla Russell reports Walking down the stairs of Jaks on Kings Road I immediately felt relieved that I had […]

Sneak peak: The love of the nightingale

The second year drama students are putting on their first live performance of the year and some sneak peeks with an exclusive interview reveals more, reports Laura Finkler and Maddie Binns. In The Love of the Nightingale Timberlake Wertenbaker re-tells the Greek myth of Procne and Philomele, drawing on the techniques and the poetry of Ancient […]