JLDN Radio – harassment, Brexit and EU rights, Christmas songs

This week on JLDN’s radio show – harassment trends after video surfaces on train, what rights EU citizens will have after Brexit and the top Christmas songs in movies.

JLDN Radio – harassment, Brexit and EU rights, Christmas songs

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Gender Wage Gap May Take “100 years” To Close

The Fawcett Society has claimed that the gap in earnings between the nation’s men and women will not be entirely abolished for a century at its current rate of decline, reports Shola Patterson The Fawcett Society website claims that if the long-term average decline in the wage gap were to persist, the pay gap between […]

Voluntary living wage rises across the country

An increase in the voluntary living wage looks set to give thousands across Britain a pay rise. Thousands of firms have already signed up, with more expected to follow, reports Olivia Kemp This week, the Living Wage Foundation announced that the hourly rate for the voluntary minimum wage would rise to £8.75 nationwide, and £10.20 […]

Developing yourself as a journalist

At some point in our lives, most of us have likely entertained the dream of becoming a journalist and having your name printed all over glossy magazines. For some people, that dream became a reality, but for others it was a lot harder than expected. For Careers Week at London South Bank University, Ella Donaldson takes […]

Could this be the end of unpaid internships?

A new parliamentary bill could signal the end for unpaid work for students. JLDN reporters Lucy Jenkins and Georgie Waight examine the issues surrounding internships and the proposed legislation