Washstation spins out of control

Residents of Mclaren House continue to face issues with their laundry at the Washstation Laundrette A student accommodation situated in Elephant and Castle fails to supply student residents a reliable and well equipped laundrette as the drying machines fail to dry clothes to a decent standard. JLDN reporter Pia Marshall a current resident at Mclaren […]

Washstation spins out of control

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Meet Faze Miyake: A household name in the UK’s music scene

For years Faze Miyake, 27, has been a household name in the U.K’s music scene and has been making bangers for the best part of 7 years. Grime, Garage and Funky House, he’s put his own stamp on everything and if I had to summarise his work, I would use the word versatile. I bumped […]

From busking to MTV

Amber Edwards
In the past, busking and gigging have been fail-proof ways of breaking into the renowned music industry, but with the rise of celebrity pop culture the industry is a lot more about image and who you know and a lot less about raw talent, Amber Edwards writes Across London there is still a very strong community […]

Does rap music make you violent?

Following the riots of 2011, Historian David Starkey and Rapper Plan B suggested that rap music promoted gang culture and violence Rafaela Kuznec writes Music, and more specifically, rap music has been at the forefront of debate regarding influences on gang culture for decades, according to many news outlets and sources. This debate has intensified […]

Top Spotify today and this year

Top 5 on the Spotify charts today show Justin Bieber as top 3 and ‘All I want for Christmas’ creeping in at number 5. Love yourself– Justin Bieber Sorry– Justin Bieber What do you mean– Justin Bieber Hello– Adele All I want for Christmas is you– Mariah Carey   That’s today’s top chart, the new […]

An insight to street art

Street art is one of the most popular and controversial topics but one that no one actually knows the insights to, Aiana Iacob writes   The day I got the chance to talk to Jason I was let into the world of street rap musicians and the struggle of the hustle. He prefers being called […]

Musician Daniel James opens up a taboo subject

British Singer Songwriter Daniel James worked immensely hard to create opportunities in his life and career as a performing artist, he talks about his road to success in an intimate interview from concerts to cancer Joel Gregory writes In summer 2015 Daniel James Gouk made an announcement via social media to confirm to followers and friends […]