Washstation spins out of control

Residents of Mclaren House continue to face issues with their laundry at the Washstation Laundrette A student accommodation situated in Elephant and Castle fails to supply student residents a reliable and well equipped laundrette as the drying machines fail to dry clothes to a decent standard. JLDN reporter Pia Marshall a current resident at Mclaren […]

Washstation spins out of control

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Jamaica Inn retold

Amber Edwards
This photostory retells the classic story of Jamaica Inn, a book written by Daphne Du Maurier, it is set in Cornwall during 1820. Despite the book being fictional, many of the places and landmarks mentioned are real places Amber Edwards reports 23 year old Mary Yellan was brought up in the town of Helford: She had […]

‘Quit journalism’ and more advice from Southbankers

Gavin Stacy
A portrait photograph and one piece of life advice from the ‘average Joe’ make up some of Southbank’s personality Gavin Stacy reports Ben says: It’s nice to be nice! Tomek says: Umm one love? Husayn says: Go big or go home. Marcel says: Go on lots of fun holidays. John says (particularly to Nigel Farage): Today’s immigrants […]

I like my body

Shannon Glading
In an age where we’re not very nice about ourselves, we lack the confidence to see beauty inside of ourselves Shannon Glading reports According to Dove.co.uk 90% of women see their bodies as 25% bigger than they actually are. There must be at least one thing we like about ourselves, right? When asked the question […]

Faces of survival

Most of us cover our negative emotions with a smile and a laugh, but the truth is that we are battling against a plethora of problems. Anyone around us can be a survivor Milena Puoalamaki writes Sometimes it surprises us how little we know about the person next to us. Survivors, battlers and sufferers are all around […]