JLDN Radio – harassment, Brexit and EU rights, Christmas songs

This week on JLDN’s radio show – harassment trends after video surfaces on train, what rights EU citizens will have after Brexit and the top Christmas songs in movies.

JLDN Radio – harassment, Brexit and EU rights, Christmas songs

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Esports bringing gamers together across London 

Pic: Lone gamer at esports Meltdown bar in north London Gamers have a reputation of hiding away from the real world, in order to be left alone to save galaxies and conquer kingdoms. This is about to change with the opening of new esports bars across the capital, reports Delina Petiros One of the UK’s […]

Five tips for keeping healthy in London

We all know city life can make us not have very much time and keeps us busy 24/7, but have you ever wanted to keep more healthy while living in London?  Well our reporter Milena Puolamaki took us through the top five ways to keep fit whilst living in London – a must watch for […]

How does coming to University affect your fitness?

How easy is it to keep fit whilst studying in London? Is it easier to fit in around your academic schedule, or does all the hectic studying leave no time to keep fit? Matt Whale and Nevan Pettigrew asked the students of LSBU what they think.

Memories from the career of John Inverdale

John Inverdale is a well known journalist who works for the BBC and ITV, and he has covered many major sporting events such as the Olympic Games, Wimbledon, The Grand National and the FIFA World Cup. Our reporter Milena Pualomaki interviewed ITV and BBC broadcaster John Inverdale- he shared some memories from his storied career.

What can University Sport do for you?

Many people engage in University Sport whilst studying for a degree – whether it’s to compete in an activity you love or just to make some new friends. We wanted to know what the benefits (aside from just keeping fit) are for a student. Our reporter Matt Whale spoke to Iaian Killoughery who’s senior operations […]

LSBU Basketball | LSBU v Middlesex

LSBU basketball team where up against Middlesex University and it was a race to win London South Bank University’s very own basketball team played against Middlesex University this week and JLDN sports reporters Matt Whale, Milena Puolamaki and Nevan Pettigrew kept up to date with the match and got a chance to interview the team captain […]