Washstation spins out of control

Residents of Mclaren House continue to face issues with their laundry at the Washstation Laundrette A student accommodation situated in Elephant and Castle fails to supply student residents a reliable and well equipped laundrette as the drying machines fail to dry clothes to a decent standard. JLDN reporter Pia Marshall a current resident at Mclaren […]

Washstation spins out of control

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Homelessness rapidly growing across London

(Pic: Crisis shop, Walworth, one of many organisations aiding the streets of London) The struggle to house these vulnerable people across the UK, especially in London, is rapidly growing everyday but is something being done about it? Olivia Kemp reports Homelessness is one of Britains’ biggest crisis’ and has been rapidly increasing through the past […]

No jobs, no hope, gunfights at your door – the tough streets that claimed Myron Yarde’s life

The stabbing to death of the aspiring 17-year-old rapper also known as MDot focused attention on the gang culture of south-east London, but others in the area are trying to offer frightened teenagers a brighter future