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JLDN: French election, music, app testing

JLDN reporters give us an all rounded news event focusing on arts, education, sport and technology Broadcast: 04/05/17 French Election: How will the french election impact the people of France and Europe? What’s Your Favourite Song?: With artists hitting new records and sales booming every minute JLDN reporter Lucy Jenkins asked the public what their favourite music […]

Rodney Gwenzi – young artist challanges

Rodney Gwenzi, photographer and video maker, speaks about photography, which is his passion and creative work, sharing the challenges he is facing to build his career. As a young artist, Rodney has realised that establishing himself as an art worker is not as easy as he thought. Indeed, the way in which people come to value young […]

Ryoji Ikeda Exhibition

In the art world a new audio and visual exhibition has opened in Central London and If you’re a mathematical fanatic then the Ryoji Ikeda exhibition will have your mind in an infinity labyrinth. Ryoji Ikeda is a Japanese composer and artist based in France who is known for his mindbendingly complex art work that is based […]

International women’s day

It was International Women’s Day last Wednesday, 8th of March! Millions of people celebrated the strong women in their life’s by marching, protesting and campaigning for gender equality. Our reporter Monique Mehler went to such an event.

Top 10 breakup songs

This week theme for our top 10 songs is all to do with breakups. According to the Mail  couples are most likely to break up before Christmas or after Valentine’s day “Pain In My Heart” – Rolling Stones “Back To December” – Taylor Swift “Say Something” – Christina Aguilera and A Great Big World “Chasing Cars” […]