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JLDN: Article 50 and the Westminster attack

Broadcast: 30/03/17 Duration: 13:50 JLDN Team News Editor: Khaola Cherrak Editorial Assistant: Lucy Jenkins Bulletins Editor & Presenter: Lukas Gerve Presenters: Jason Colmer & Georgia Webb Social Media Presenter: Rhea Thorpe Audio: Hannah Turner Autocue: Nosheen Hussain Director: Eva Carette Graphics: Georgie Waight  

How will Brexit affect Borough Market?

On the June 23, 2016, Great Britain voted to leave the European Union, a decision that would have an effect on the UK’s markets and ability to trade goods and receive exports. With domestic products on the raise and the pounds weaken, compared to other international currencies we went along to Borough Market to speak […]

Will a Scottish referendum affect students?

As you may have heard of Nicola Sturgeon has suggested that there should be another Scottish Independence Referendum, and this could affect many Scottish citizens, as well as English students who study in Scotland and Scottish students who study in England. Our reporter Ellie Style investigated how these students may feel about this, and what […]

Brexit fears for UK universities

As the government is ready to trigger article 50 formally starting the Brexit process next month, the increasing possibility of a’ hard’ Brexit  is a source of fears for British universities and European nationals studying in the UK Our reporters Ellie Style and Imad Chatelain spoke to Prof. Janet Jones, Dean of LSBU’s school of creative arts and industries to get a […]

The EU referendum and students lives

As we all know the UK is leaving the EU, but how has this changed students future plans?And what is the impact that it has had on their lives and futures? The relationship between the UK and EU came to an end in 2016 and left everyone in a world of confusion on what will […]