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Coppa Club brings Igloo’s back to Tower Bridge

(Photo credit: Coppa Club) Expect sparkling views, cozy blankets and  festive cocktails, reports Laura Finkler. Instagrammers get ready: the  giant igloos are popping up all over the shop this winter, and it’s no surprise given how mad everyone went for them last year! The photo-loving folk of London went absolutely bonkers for the riverside huts, with extra staff […]

Ban on fast food meals for pupils in London

(Pic: a tempting burger tempting for school children. Credit: Mali Maeder) London’s mayor, Sadiq Khan is getting ready to announce a total ban on fast food restaurants within reach of schools in London, Ralitsa Arabadzhieva reports. As a part of the new draft London Plan, Sadiq Khan is preparing a new policy to prohibit fast food restaurants […]

JLDN: Creative London

Broadcast:16/03/17 Duration: 11:02 Editorial News editor: Khaola Cherrak Social media editor: Ashley Gummerson Bulletins editor: Lukas Gerve Editorial assistant: Lucy Jenkins Site editor: Leynna-Jay Honegan Production Director: Jihan Nur Mics: Hannah Turner Vision Mixer: Georgie Waight Graphics: Eva Carette Presenters Sofa: Rhea Thorpe and Georgia Webb Bulletins: Lukas Gerve Social Media Presenter: Ashley Gummerson The JLDN Team […]

5 reasons to travel solo

Surveys have shown that millennials prefer to travel alone and this is becoming a predominant trend in the past year. For those that are more traditional and less extraverted this is a big step, Jordan Platt writes I went to Rome. Alone. And it was amazing. Now I didn’t write a novel, fall in love or […]