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Coppa Club brings Igloo’s back to Tower Bridge

(Photo credit: Coppa Club) Expect sparkling views, cozy blankets and  festive cocktails, reports Laura Finkler. Instagrammers get ready: the  giant igloos are popping up all over the shop this winter, and it’s no surprise given how mad everyone went for them last year! The photo-loving folk of London went absolutely bonkers for the riverside huts, with extra staff […]

Christmas in a box – “I would be more than happy to create a box”

One in every two hundred people in the UK will be homeless this Christmas. With these numbers on the rise, charities becomes vital in Christmas time, Francisca Silva and Safiyah Bennington report.

Ban on fast food meals for pupils in London

(Pic: a tempting burger tempting for school children. Credit: Mali Maeder) London’s mayor, Sadiq Khan is getting ready to announce a total ban on fast food restaurants within reach of schools in London, Ralitsa Arabadzhieva reports. As a part of the new draft London Plan, Sadiq Khan is preparing a new policy to prohibit fast food restaurants […]

Homelessness rapidly growing across London

(Pic: Crisis shop, Walworth, one of many organisations aiding the streets of London) The struggle to house these vulnerable people across the UK, especially in London, is rapidly growing everyday but is something being done about it? Olivia Kemp reports Homelessness is one of Britains’ biggest crisis’ and has been rapidly increasing through the past […]

TFL Looking Underground To Solve London Traffic Problems

Pic: Traffic going northbound on A2 towards Blackwall traffic (Credit: Tiffany Lee Alonzo Instagram @tiffalonzophoto) A new purposed tunnel to help ease traffic in and out of however there is much opposition to the purposed new tunnel, Nicholas Newton reports. The West Slivertown Tunnel will run parallel to the Blackwall Tunnel.  The entrance to the runnel […]