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Choose love – the shop that offers plenty to buy but nothing for yourself

(Pic: store front of Choose Love. Credit: Thisissoho) A new pop-up shop recently opened is dedicated to funding clothes to refugees across the globe – brought by what you choose in store, Delina Petiros and Moona Popal reports. Choose Love is a charity organisation founded in 2015, a simply but powerful message raising money to help refugees all […]

Sneak peak: The love of the nightingale

The second year drama students are putting on their first live performance of the year and some sneak peeks with an exclusive interview reveals more, reports Laura Finkler and Maddie Binns. In The Love of the Nightingale Timberlake Wertenbaker re-tells the Greek myth of Procne and Philomele, drawing on the techniques and the poetry of Ancient […]

Poppy Appeal 2017: In Flanders Fields reimagined

Starting from the 26th of October, the famous red poppies are up for sale again. This year the british legion are taking a modern approach to encourage people to “rethink remembrance” and consider the meaning of the poppy as both a symbol of remembrance and hope, Laura Finkler reports Lines from John McCrae’s famous remembrance […]

Black History Month: The union of multicultures

Black history month is the celebration of black icons, such as Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Nelson Mandela, and Rosa Parks, who had spent their lives striving for equality and freedom for their community. People choose to celebrate in various ways, which brings us to the events taking place around LSBU. LSBU has chosen to celebrate diversity around the world, by offering events […]