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JLDN: Facebook live-streaming, Saatchi Gallery exhibition and more

This week JLDN team covers variety of interesting topics. From discussion about recent Facebook live-streaming suicide videos, through a walk in Saatchi Gallery for their new From Selfie to Self-Expression exhibition, to the biggest sport events from around the week.

Will a Scottish referendum affect students?

As you may have heard of Nicola Sturgeon has suggested that there should be another Scottish Independence Referendum, and this could affect many Scottish citizens, as well as English students who study in Scotland and Scottish students who study in England. Our reporter Ellie Style investigated how these students may feel about this, and what […]

Is the government doing enough to eliminate the gender pay gap?

There has always been a gender pay gap, which means women and men get different pay for doing exactly the same job. Recently MP’s have been attacking ministers over the gap, and want more action to close it. Our reporter Imad Chatelain went out and asked LSBU students if they think the government are doing […]

Why do people protest?

Since Trump has started his Presidency there has been a lot of upheaval, because of the laws that he is trying to bring in. One of the most recent ones was Trump trying to ban Muslims from 7 countries coming into the USA. Many protesters have taken to the streets to fight against Trump all […]