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University students left feeling robbed

With only one in three students feeling satisfied with the fees they are paying and value they are paying each year, it’s fair to say university students aren’t feeling fulfilled, Safiyah Bennington reports. In 2017, university fees went up by £250 which caused an uproar for students. A Second year student, Alicia Brand, said: ‘Fees went […]

Students have their say on University Vice-Chancellors pay

(Photo Credit: Pexels) A university vice-chancellor was handed more than £800,000 in her final year, including a hefty departure payment, it has been revealed. Charlie Wetton and James Murray report on the story.  An “urgent overhaul” of senior pay at British Universities has been called for by the University and College Union (UCU), following the […]

Minimum alcohol pricing vs. students

(Photo: Alcohol being poured into glass. Credit: Pexels) The Scottish government to  introduce a minimum pricing policy for alcohol drinks, that will take place on 1st May next year, reports Leanne Cresswell. Minimum pricing is targeted on the cheaper but stronger drinks that can be brought in supermarkets and off-licences, such as cheap cider and spirits. With […]

Students worrying over workloads

By George Timberlake With 71% of students feeling that work from university is one of their main sources of stress, we offer you some top tips on how to cope with workload. With over half a million people moving to university, the pressures of uni life is all real for first years. In particular the […]

LSBU accommodation has currently got unsteady power

One of London Southbank University’s accommodation has left students without electricity on and off for over a month, and still hasn’t been completely resolved. McLaren House Halls is arguably LSBU’s best accommodation due to it being the most expensive, with students paying up to £199 a week for a room. However, some of the rooms students […]

Robot library for LSBU

Future LSBU students are in for a surprise. From as soon as next year they could be served by robots in the new Library on Borough Road. In an attempt to make the university’s campus part of the massively evolving neighbourhood of Elephant and Castle LSBU has launched plans to provide it’s students with a […]

London South Bank University turns robotic

LSBU is expanding its Elephant and Castle campus, with plans for theatre and gallery space, new lecture facilities and a brand new library where robots pick out books, reports James Murray