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Black History Month: The union of multicultures


Black History Month: The union of multicultures

Black history month is the celebration of black icons, such as Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Nelson Mandela, and Rosa Parks, who had spent their lives striving for equality and freedom for their community.

People choose to celebrate in various ways, which brings us to the events taking place around LSBU.

LSBU has chosen to celebrate diversity around the world, by offering events which focuses on different cultures.

We spoke to SU President Sodiq Akinbade, who organised the events and explained to us how black history month is important at LSBU; “It shows our diversity as an institution, as we have got a lot of ethnics around here and I think it’s important to promote it”.

“Black history month for me is more of celebrating our diversity; our culture, also educating people about what’s been going on within the black communities over the past years. It’s not just to showcase what we do, but to educate, which I think is the important part of black history month to me”

We also spoke to Vice President of Education, Patricia Godwin on her participation at the events; “I’m here today to take pictures of students and staff to give Southbanker’s motivation, so that when they will look at the pictures of the staff in various fields, they will be inspired to believe in themselves”

We also caught up with a student at LSBU and asked her views on Black history month; “It’s a time to educate people about the history of black people all over the world”

LSBU has chosen to concentrate on the beauty of different cultures around the university; hence why instead of focusing on just the history of black people, their also holding events like exploring Chinese culture; which you can learn through calligraphy and dance.

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